Workshops of ICSOB 2019

Software Business in Asia: Driving Future of Work!

Prof. Dhrubes Biswas

The economic opportunities and challenges in Asia necessitate a fresh look at understanding the software business scenario in Asia, particularly in India and China. There is a distinct need to devolve from the legacy software business models into inclusive, scalable business models that will create new software industries to address environmental, nutritional and educational solutions in the local Asian context with the global best practices. Bigger business will eventually make for new smaller business empowered by novel Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and 5G telecom. This will usher in brand new business models in intelligent transportation, retail, food & water, low to zero carbon footprint lifestyle solutions for driving the economic growth in Asia from the current bottlenecks to enhanced globally integrated market economy. 

Business Angel’s Insights on Venture Funding

Jason Grendus

Originally from Canada, Jason Grendus is a business angel who worked for various startups in both Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, before relocating to work for a startup in Singapore, where he currently resides. A Los Angeles SaaS startup has been Jason’s most successful angel investment to date, he has also made early-stage investments in startups in New York US, Honk Kong China and Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. Jason shares with us his insights and expectations of business angels in practice and correspondingly, what an entrepreneur needs to know in order to secure funding. Jason will reveal some mistakes he has made, and how to avoid the worst pitfalls. The final topic in his workshop is FinTech in Singapore and an introduction to the Singapore startup scene in general, and why it’s interesting for Finnish startups.

Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Ville Vakkuri and Kai-Kristian Kemell

Currently, various Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are regularly involved in various real-world incidents involving ethical issues, such as case Cambridge Analytica. While sometimes these incidents are a result of intentional misconduct, many are also a result of neglect or simple human error. Following the accelerating progress in the field of AI, public and academic voices have called for more ethical AI systems, though thus far the discussion has remained largely theoretical. To bridge the gap between research and practice in the area, we have developed a method for ethical analysis in AI system development: Ethics Card Deck. In the tutorial, we showcase an initial version of the method and showcase how it can aid developers conduct ethical analyses in order to develop ethical AI. Participants get to utilize the method in practice and get their own physical card deck to take home.

IBM Workshop: Trust and security in AI

Jouko Poutanen

MBA, Phd. Econ. cand.
IT-Architect Profession Leader
IBM Finland Oy,

AI is soon becoming a ubiquitous part of our lives.It will soon have a great impact in the all aspects of society, organisation, and at the individual level. To support this development, Finland has established a national program for artificial intelligence.
Adoption of AI is growing fast, independent of the industry. But, there are regocnised areas that are hindering the growth of wider and faster adoption of AI. Most common known ones are the lack of trust the in the AI solutions. The trust, transparency and quality are the most important development areas. To earn that trust, AI solutions need to be well secured and transparent.

Jouko Poutanen is a innovative enterprise architect and team leader with strong background in consultancy and software development. His strengths are the broad and deep experience in designing complex multivendor solutions, aligning those with business needs and building comprehensive digital solutions to create impactful business outcomes.

Specialities: Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, security, innovation and architecture of new software intensive services and products, design thinking, software development and team leadership. At leisure, Jouko enjoys outdoors; whether it’s hiking in the woods or on air. He also enjoys live music.